You’re going to a small island. You’re going to start the adventure by climbing down some wooden steps onto a little boat or alternatively by walking across a rocky beach, if the weather dictates.

So by now you might have guessed that suitcases really aren’t all that practical! A rucksack is best, especially in case the worst happens and the weather is too bad to make the crossing. In this instance, your hosts will walk you over to the island when it’s low tide.

Despite what you might have seen on Extraordinary Escapes (how lucky was Sandi with the weather?) it may rain at some point while you’re on Skye. It’s not called Eilean a’ Cheò (The Misty Isle) for nothing.

So waterproofs are a must! If you plan to stay on or near the island, wellies are best.  We’ve a few pairs you can borrow if you can’t fit them in your rucksack (or can’t bear the idea of wearing them on your journey). Check with Skipper Gus in advance for sizes. If you plan to do a lot of walking during your stay, waterproof hiking boots are a good alternative.

If you can fit a wetsuit in your bag, do! One of the best things to do is go for a wild swim but the water can be a little on the chilly side. Kids (and big kids) love exploring the rocks and finding a safe spot to jump in when the tide is high.

The island has been used as a setting in several books and films, most notably the Sunday Times Best Seller: The Ice Twins by S.K. Tremayne. We’ve plenty available in the cottage but if you’ve been meaning to get round to a particular title for a while, pack a book! Relax and enjoy quiet time on the hill, lying on your bed, in the lounge or even in the Bothy, a quiet space separate from the main house.


Whisky and gin miniatures are gifted in our welcome basket. We also supply marshmallows for toasting by the fire.  But whether you’re a hot chocolate lover, wine connoisseur or whisky expert, don’t forget to pack your favourite tipple to enjoy by the fireside or, as you watch the sunset. It’s a wee bit of a trek to the shops!

When it’s time to get settled in by the fire, there are plenty of blankets and cushions to help you get comfortable. You may want to pack comfy pyjamas, cosy socks, slippers and a big sweater for that real ‘Hygge’ feeling, as you relax and enjoy time with your favourite people. Choose your pyjamas carefully, you may end up staying in them all day (this is something we very much encourage)! Hot water bottles are provided and the bathrooms and kitchen have underfloor heating so no matter what the weather, you’ll be toasty warm.

And finally…some SMIDGE. Other insect repellents are of course available but this is the one the locals swear by. Find it online in advance of your stay or pick up a bottle in virtually any shop once you arrive in the Highlands. We don’t have a big problem with midgies here on Eilean Sionnach as our ‘at sea’ location means there’s mostly enough of a breeze to keep the worst of them at bay. But we’d always recommend being prepared…

Adventure awaits!

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Image courtesy of @laraoflondon