‘Beautifully paced, teeming with psychological shivers, The Ice Twins is a notable debut’

The Times, Best Crime Thrillers

Did you know that the island of Eilean Sionnach is the inspiration for the setting of a Sunday Times Number One Best Selling Novel, The Ice Twins?

Written by S.K. Tremayne (a friend of the Sedgwick Family, who own Eilean Sionnach), The Ice Twins is a dark, mysterious and page turning thriller. The author has achieved international acclaim and The Ice Twins has been a big hit in several countries around the globe. We think it’s a ‘must read’ on your trip to Eilean Sionnach – but not for the faint-hearted!

The Story

Sarah and Angus Moorcroft have an outwardly perfect life in London, including their role as parents to beautiful and identical twin daughters Kirstie and Lydia. When one of the twins dies in a tragic accident, their world falls apart and the family is thrown into turmoil, as they try to come to terms with their catastrophic loss.

One year on and still wracked with grief, they decide to move to a remote Scottish Island, called Torran. When the surviving twin begins to claim that she is in fact Lydia and not Kirstie, Sarah is pushed right to the brink.  Then when secrets in the marriage also become apparent, the blurred lines between reality and imagination, sanity and madness, right and wrong and even natural and supernatural are all called into question.

The Setting

No prizes for guessing that Torran Island is modelled on Eilean Sionnach! Sean was inspired to set the novel here after visiting one summer with his own young daughter.  Perhaps your stay will inspire your creative side too?

He most recently visited Eilean Sionnach in September 2020, whilst beginning to formulate ideas for his next release, so perhaps the island will have provided further inspiration…who knows?

To find out more about the author and to order your copy of The Ice Twins, click on the link below.

The perfect Christmas present for those visiting the island in 2022!

The Ice Twins