Speed Bonny Boat…

Once upon a time if you wanted to visit the Isle of Skye it would definitely involve a boat trip. These days, thanks to the Skye Bridge, it’s also possible to get there by road. If you do travel to Skye by road, you will surely enjoy the moment when the spectacular outline of the Skye Bridge first comes into view, its shape reminiscent of a dragon or kelpie from ancient Scottish folk lore.

The presence of the bridge cuts at least half an hour off the old journey by ferry and is a no less spectacular way to arrive on Skye. As you rise over the humped back of the dragon, the awe inspiring Cuillin Mountains are (sometimes) visible to your right. In the swirling currents of the blue waters below, seals dolphins and other marine life can often be spotted. And if you’re lucky enough to be crossing at sunset, the scenery takes on an altogether mystical quality.

However, your time spent on Skye would not be the same without a boat trip. If you’re heading elsewhere on the island, we urge you to see Skye from the water at some point during your stay, either on the Bella Jane, The Misty Isle or with another of the many pleasure boat companies located on Skye.

If you’re heading to Eilean Sionnach, your holiday on Skye is guaranteed to include some time on the water! Your experience begins at Isleornsay Pier, where you meet Skipper Gus. Gus has been working on boats since he was a boy and there’s not much he doesn’t know about the waters around Isleornsay. It’s true to say, he’s somewhat of a local legend himself! As the old song goes (well almost), you will speed on our bonny boat over the sea from Skye as Gus expertly guides you through the Dornie and the Wee Dornie or round the end of Ornsay, depending on the weather and the state of the tide.

For a sneak peak at your arrival journey, head on over to our Instagram page: @eilean_sionnach where you will find a short video clip in ‘highlights.’

Adventure awaits!

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