Did you know that up here in our wee corner of Scotland, Christmas never really used to be a big deal? In the early 1900s they’d get the afternoon off to go to church but other than that, the church very much discouraged festivities around Christmas. It wasn’t until 1958 that Christmas Day became an official day off – that’s more than a hundred years after the lighthouse and cottage were built!

Bliadhna Mhath Ùr (Happy New Year)

In Scotland, especially in the Highlands, our big event has always been and still is HOGMANAY! For us, it’s a celebration lasting more than one night.  After ‘The Bells’ we usually go round and visit family and friends well into the night and continue to do so over the next couple of days. We call this ‘first-footing’. We believe it brings our loved ones good luck if someone tall, dark and handsome (especially if they’re carrying a lump of coal) is the first person to cross their threshold.

This year might be a little different due to restrictions. It’s currently looking like gatherings willl be curtailed. However, in true Scots style, we won’t let our spirits be dampened, whatever the rules may bring. We’ll find a way to celebrate and to say ‘Bliadhna Mhath Ùr’, whether that’s by phone, ZOOM or Facetime (not sure what we’ll do with the lump of coal)!

All that’s left to say is that we wish you all the very best for the festive season and we hope very much that you can take a trip to the island in 2022…

Adventure awaits!